Episodic Art


To paraphrase one of Lou's first art critics, "Your visions, seen through the prism of your imagination are unique, out-of-sight and uncommon."

What is Episodic Art? Episodic art is a new form of Art with intensity, contrast, and color. It is paintings with definite and defined movement(s) having flow and telling a story within each one. It is eclectic, innovative, strong, and exotic. It has insight and en total, newly defines the story of life itself. Maybe the best definition is a review of the visionary portfolio of Lou el Oso.

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Louis (el Oso) Carrillo, (the Bear), originally from California, made his home in Thompsons Station in Middle Tennessee. College educated, he worked as a carpenter then later became an inventor holding multiple patents and trademarks. He started Perfection Products, Inc. with one of his patented products, Pop-A-Plate, and then filled the company with more of his inventions. After fifteen years he sold the business (in 2002) and then came back to his first love - fine art.

Lou el Oso began drawing as a child and has continued throughout his life to refine his artwork. He painted sporadically throughout his life until he sold his company, Perfection Products. It was at that time that he began painting in earnest. His art work is alive with intensity, contrast, and color. It is eclectic, innovative, strong, and exotic.

Lou amassed hundreds of works in the new genre - Episodic Art - most of which are oil on canvas, in his rural studio that might have gone undiscovered except for a few art lovers and critics who pushed him to share his art work with us all. Lou el Oso signed his work simply ‘LOU’. He liked larger canvases and worked mostly in oil. “I want my work to be associated only to me. In other words you can see one of my works at one end of the country and later see a different work at the other end of the country and still recognize it as that of Lou el Oso.“

Louis (el Oso) Carrillo, artist, inventor, friend to many and loving husband; died peacefully at his home in Thompson Station, Tennessee with his beloved wife, Victoria (Vickie), by his side August 3, 2015. His quick wit and infectious laughter will be greatly missed by his many friends and loved ones. His memory will be cherished by all he met as Lou never met a stranger and shared his love generously.